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Spotlight on hot Jupiters

An astrophysicist used information gathered over a period of four years about discoveries and characterizations of hot Jupiters to complete her thesis. She uncovered a wealth of information about these gas giants that orbit very close to their star. 

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Mapping a super-Earth

Astrophysicists have produced an infrared map of the surface of a super-Earth which has been published in the journal Nature. This event marks the beginning of a new area of research focussing on the dynamics of small exoplanets. 

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A trio of Earths 40 light years away?

Astrophysicists from Liege have discovered three Earth-sized planets around a star 40 light years away. These planets could present habitable conditions on their surfaces. In addition, the large telescopes of the future will be capable of studying them in detail and detecting whether or not life exists on them!

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When an alignment of supermassive black holes occurs

An alignment of the rotation axes of a group of quasars catches the attention of astrophysicists. This gigantic structure in the very distant Universe could challenge the standard cosmological model.

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X-ray pulsations

For the first time, astrophysicists have observed X-ray pulsations from a massive star. A new and surprising discovery which raises new questions.

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