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Human resources: the difficult exercise of theorisation

In 2000, François Pichault published Les pratiques de gestion des ressources humaines (The practices of human resources management) with Jean Nizet, which became a bestseller in its sector. It has just been republished and, above all, updated and amended.

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SMEs diving into globalisation

A guide is now available for SMEs, very small businesses and sole traders, which addresses the internationalisation of their activities from both financial and practical perspectives.  

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The financing of the non-profit sector

For twenty years now the ULg’s Centre for Social Economy has been studying the non-profit sector, whose value has been underestimated for a long time. One of its most recent research studies has looked into the funding of non-profit organisations.

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The financing of a universal postal service

In a liberalised environment, competition and public service obligations can conflict. This requires thinking about new ways to finance national “universal” postal service.

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A worker is lent out little, a lot, a great deal…

How to meet business companies’ requirements for flexibility? And how to do so in ensuring job security for the workers? One formula meets these two demands, that of the Employers Alliance.

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