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Macaque battering at Uluwatu Temple

Which fly stung the Balinese macaques from the Uluwatu temple, who steal and return their booty in exchange for food?

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Morphological evolution in the deep blue sea

Genes, photos and fossils: that's all that was needed to analyse the morphological evolution of Carangoid fishes. And to draw new conclusions regarding the pelagic environment as a factor of diversification.

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Listening to fishes communicate at a depth of 120 meters

A recent study, unique in the world, has made it possible to compare the huge amount of sounds emitted by different fish communities at a depth of 120 meters.

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An oyster for an amplifier

Fish that live in pearl oysters produce sounds, probably to attract a mate. Their host’s shell acts as an amplifier for these sounds.

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The farmer fish

Two studies on damselfish, one behavioral and the other devoted to the evolution of 124 species, have made it possible to observe the way in which a morphological trait has determined their ecological behavior.

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