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ʺServingʺ tennis players

The Laboratory of Human Motion Analysis is capable of detecting movements or positions that can injure the body of a sportsperson. As is the case of the serve in a high level tennis player.

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Artificial intelligence and video games

Video games have contributed greatly to the development of artificial intelligence. Research carried out at the Montefiore Institute has once again shown that these games should be taken seriously!

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The physicist behind the MRI scanner...

It is often forgotten that, in order to decode the information provided by an MRI scan (magnetic Resonance Imaging), the input of engineers and physicists is required. A study has confirmed that, in order to better understand the human brain and its diseases, doctors are not the only contributors...

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Digital technology may make microscopes obsolete

A bioinformatics software created at Liège has caused a stir in the world of pathology. In research, teaching and clinical use, a small revolution is underway that could make optical microscopes a thing of the past.

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Predicting flooding of the river Meuse in Wallonia

The risk of flooding along the river Meuse in Wallonia will increase between now and 2100, accompanied by increased vulnerability of flood-risk areas due to increased urbanization. A major rethink of land development policy is urgently required.

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