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A portable drug factory

Fast and continuous drug production is now possible. A new revolution on the horizon.

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A new class of plastics

Researchers from Liege have discovered how to prepare innovative copolymers by controlling the stringing of monomers and by controlling their growth in length and structure. 

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Tracking volatile organic compounds

Isoprene and methanol are, among others, volatile organic compounds that are naturally released into the environment by plants. But what role do they play in atmospheric pollution and climate change?

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Food contaminated by furan: what are the risks?

In his doctoral thesis, Georges Scholl tested more than 500 food samples collected between the Belgian coast and Arlon in order to define the levels of furan in different food types.

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Anti-cancer treatments: why mTor has had disappointing results

MTor is a protein that is involved in the growth and proliferation of cells. It was hoped that inhibiting this protein would have a role to play in cancer therapy but the results proved disappointing. Now, scientists understand why.

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