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Maths for understanding water flow

The science of hydrology is turning to thermodynamics to predict the evolution of water flow. The result is a detailed empirical case-study of ecological interest where the use of maths helps us to understand our world.

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Modeling the pollution in an estuary

Researchers at the University of Liege have developed a mathematical computer model which allows them to predict the evolution of pollution in the estuary of the river Escaut.

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Predicting stock exchange developments?

Describing and predicting stock market flows and trying to bring to light a regularity in a priori random variables; that is the task several ULg mathematicians have been getting down to over the past fifteen years or so.

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Piercing the clouds
Knowing the conditions which reign over the surfaces of the oceans is important for an understanding of the climate. But how to observe them if layers of cloud prevent any observation?
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