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Thirteen tools for a reflective approach

A practical guide for trainers in the human services fields (teachers, day care workers, educators, etc.) who want to help their trainees develop a reflective approach to their current or future professional practice.  

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Is early bilingual immersion a good thing?

Could early bilingual immersion have a negative impact on school performance? The results of early studies disprove this widely spread notion.

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Dyslexia: decoding and sequencing difficulties

ULg researchers have shown that the short-term ability to recall combinations of words in a certain order is involved in learning to read.

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School vocational counselling is not (always) synonymous with educational demotion

The process of educational orientation which leads pupils towards technical and vocational pathways also depends on the social position of the young people involved and the values the school champions.

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Mediation at School

The presence of mediators in schools is a recent initiative. A book published by the University of Liège Press studies their activities. A first.

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