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Carp express a form of fever

The fish express a form of fever induced by the same molecule that triggers fever in humans.

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The callipyge phenomenon, a genetic curiosity

Some sheep, known as Callipyge sheep, have rumps that contain 30% more muscle mass than the norm. This phenomenon is due to a genetic particularity that has captivated researchers. 

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Hepatitis E, a (relatively) little-known virus

Appearances can be deceptive… Although seemingly harmless, hepatitis E raises quite a number of questions, both in terms of public health and animal health. Because this virus infects humans as well as pigs and wild boar. 

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Identifying cholesterol deficiency in Holstein cattle

In response to a request from farmers, a team at GIGA took only a few months to develop a test to detect CDH, a fatal illness affecting Holstein cattle.

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A headstrong feline virus

Researchers reveal the strange behaviour of the feline parvovirus, which raises questions about the use of viruses in the fight against cancer!

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