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Targeting tumour-resistant cells in the brain

Inside grade IV brain tumours (glioblastomas) certain tumour cells preferentially migrate to specific areas of the brain, where they increase their resistance to radiotherapy.

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The unlikely masters of gene expression

Although the connection between RNA synthesis and decay has been known to scientists for some years now, the actual protein that connects the two processes had remained unknown until very recently.

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Asthma : good and bad eosinophils

Researchers find a variety of eosinophils that act upstream of the inflammatory cascade by inhibiting the activation of dendritic cells responsible for aberrant immune system response.

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Parkinson’s disease: the fragility of neurons, a question of ion channels?

Researchers at GIGA-Neurosciences suggest that there could be a correlation between a high density of certain ion channels in dopaminergic neurons of the substantia nigra and their degeneration in Parkinson’s disease. 

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The hidden side of the UPR signalling pathway

One of GIGA's latest publications takes a further step towards understanding of how the brain develops. The mechanism discovered could become a target for the treatment of certain neurological disorders in the long term.

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