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The heavy price of shale gas

The concentration of ethane in the atmosphere has begun increasing again since 2009. This reversal has also been accompanied by a significant surplus of methane, a well-known greenhouse gas. The exploitation of shale gas is the primary cause of this trend. 

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Lake Kivu, an eldorado under supervision

How will Lake Kivu react to the massive exploitation of methane and climate change? And what will the impact be on local fishing, among other things? This unique ecosystem is the start of a major turning point that requires supervision.

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L'influence de l'homme sur l’élévation du niveau des mers

Une nouvelle recherche met en lumière l'impact de l'influence humaine sur l'élévation du niveau des mers 

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Modelling the behaviour of host rock for nuclear waste

At the Laboratory of Geomechanics and Engineering Geology, three doctoral theses examining the fracturing of galleries and their seal are helping to further knowledge on the storage of nuclear waste.

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Thank you gorillas!

Due to its movement and feeding habits, the western lowlands gorilla could contribute to a more rapid regeneration of harvested forests in Central Africa.

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