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Dolphins, whales and human pollution

Two articles published at the beginning of this year in Environmental Pollution, one devoted to the Florida dolphins, the other to the humpback whales of Reunion Island, remind us of the impact of our pollution on marine mammals.

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P. oceanica litter: a dynamic food reserve

The litter composed of dead leaves left by P. oceanica is home to some 115 invertebrate species. It is therefore both a habitat and a major food source for all ecosystems on the Mediterranean coast.

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Seals are swallowing a mouthful

Many pollutants present in our oceans are permanently contaminating marine mammals. In order to establish the extent of this exposure and the challenges it represents, a group of researchers have adopted complex and varied approaches to the problem.  

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The Black Sea has lost more than a third of its habitable volume

The Black Sea's habitable volume has decreased by more than 40 % in 60 years. And the oxygen penetration depth in the water column has shrunk from 140 to 90 metres, compressing a rich ecosystem. 

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The North Sea: high levels of methane emissions

The observation of a high concentration of methane off the north coast has enabled scientists to take a fascinating trip back in time. The study also makes a contribution to a better understanding of the cycle of one of the most reactive greenhouse gases

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