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Periurban areas 

In a few decades, the majority of the world’s population will live in periurban areas. How can human activities in these areas be organised harmoniously?

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Mapping crime in cities

Thanks to a new mapping model, it is possible to rapidly analyse the police’s databases and thus help to better prevent crime. It integrates spatial continuity, an innovation in a field that favours vector data in a discrete space.

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Agritourism: the new cash cow for farmers?

Fancy a game of golf in rural surroundings, would you like to eat an ice-cream cone on a farm or sleep in a tree-house? These are all now possible thanks to a rapidly expanding tourist activity known as agritourism.

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“Let’s live my village”, in search of the Wallonia countryside

Distinguishing the country from the town has become difficult. In Belgium, there tends to be some confusion in relation to this question.

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The erroneous GPS signal

Has your GPS sent you the wrong way? Well, it’s not the end of the world! However, it is a problem if the GPS used to plan this route was inaccurate. A problem that’s on the road to being solved.

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