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A new approach for understanding the evolution of microbes on early Earth?

Ferruginous nanocrystals have been detected for the first time in very ancient microbial fossils. Could these fossilised bacteria be indicative of oxygenic photosynthesis?

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Spotlight on Mercury!

The transit of Mercury serves as a timely reminder of the importance of this planet to an understanding of our solar system. Geologists at the University of Liege are slowly but surely shedding light on the mysteries…

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The mystery of the extinction of the ichthyosaurs

We know a little more today about the disappearance of the ichthyosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous. A fascinating study on this subject has been published. It reads like a mystery novel whose ending remains open!

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Les eaux souterraines en Belgique

Il manquait un ouvrage  décrivant les nappes aquifères tant du nord que du sud du pays. Le voici, utile bien sûr aux professionnels du secteur. Mais le curieux y trouvera aussi de quoi s’enrichir.

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Rock flour

Metals are often captured by minerals at a microscopic level. Mineral engineering enables the development of deposits. 

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