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On this site you will find articles of scientific popularization whose subjects are based on the scientific publications of the researchers of the University of Liège. A beautiful landscape that traces a decade of research within the University of Liège. Happy reading to all!

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A portable drug factory

Fast and continuous drug production is now possible. A new revolution on the horizon.

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Maths for understanding water flow

The science of hydrology is turning to thermodynamics to predict the evolution of water flow. The result is a detailed empirical case-study of ecological interest where the use of maths helps us to understand our world.

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What colours are our towns?

How to objectively characterize the dominant colour trends of a city. This is the challenge that a young architectural engineer set himself. The innovative method used opens up many possibilities.

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Biobased plastics, the good and the bad

Is using natural materials, such as sugar beet or wheat, to produce plastic really beneficial for the environmental? Not necessarily. Not right across the board, in any case!

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