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On this site you will find articles of scientific popularization whose subjects are based on the scientific publications of the researchers of the University of Liège. A beautiful landscape that traces a decade of research within the University of Liège. Happy reading to all!

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The magic drawing board

Physicists from Liege have succeeded in understanding and controlling the superconductivity of materials placed in a magnetic field.

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A portable drug factory

Fast and continuous drug production is now possible. A new revolution on the horizon.

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Hold on tight!

Beetles have developed extraordinary adhesion techniques. Thanks to the work done in the Microfluidics Lab we understand these techniques better, with a view to reproducing them.

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Quantum superconducting nanowires

By mastering the fabrication process of aluminium nanowires, physicists have managed to precisely determine the limit beyond which the superconductivity of these wires is suppressed, even at a temperature close to absolute zero.

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