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Macaque battering at Uluwatu Temple

Which fly stung the Balinese macaques from the Uluwatu temple, who steal and return their booty in exchange for food?

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Les pucerons à l'heure du réchauffement climatique

Comment les changements climatiques affectent-ils la capacité des insectes à percevoir les signaux chimiques émis par leurs congénères ?

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Cold exacerbates immune response of asthmatic patients

Researchers at GIGA discover how rhinoviruses, the cause of common cold, act on our immune system to induce severe asthma exacerbations in individuals suffering from this condition.

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Morphological evolution in the deep blue sea

Genes, photos and fossils: that's all that was needed to analyse the morphological evolution of Carangoid fishes. And to draw new conclusions regarding the pelagic environment as a factor of diversification.

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