Steven Laureys


Neurologist and Clinical Professor of Liège university hospital's Neurology Department, and senior researcher at the FNRS, Steven Laureys heads the Coma Science Group within ULg’s GIGA Consciousness research Center. The majority of his work as a researcher is dedicated to the study of alterations in consciousness in severely brain injured patients (coma, vegetative state, state of minimum consciousness, locked-in syndrome), as well as during anesthesia, sleep, meditation and hypnotic states.

350 scientific articles some of which have been published in such prestigious reviews as Science, Lancet, PNAS or Nature Review Neuroscience. In 2005, the publisher Elsevier published his book entitled The Boundaries of Consciousness. His second work (The neurology of consciousness) was published in 2008.

The winner of numerous scientific prizes, Steven Laureys is undoubtedly one of the best specialists in the world regarding the problem of altered states of consciousness.


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