Bernadette Mérenne - Schoumaker


Bernadette Mérenne-Schoumaker has been a lecturer at the University of Liège since the 1st of January 1994. She teaches economic geography and geography teaching practice. Her research work has always been on the borders between economics and geography. Her doctoral thesis was furthermore devoted to the new industrial localisation in the provinces of Limburg and Liège in Belgium. It was at the request of Professor Sporck, her doctoral supervisor, that she set up a course on energy. Bernadette Mérenne-Schoumaker has specialised in the localisation of business companies, industrial to start with, followed by the services sector. Her most recent research has centred on the concepts of territorial development (notably on business decentralisation and metropolisation) as well as the localization of new industrial warehouses.

But, in parallel with her activities as a geographer, Bernadette Mérenne has always nurtured another passion, that of teaching, to the extent that she has developed such expertise in this area that she has deserved to become the overseer of the activities of the Centre of Higher Education Teaching (CDS) at the Académie Wallonie-Europe, to which she now devotes half her time.


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