Geoffrey Geuens


Geoffrey Geuens is an assistant in the Department of Arts and Communication Sciences at the ULg. His research profile is complex, as it straddles various disciplines: communication, sociology and economics. An ULg graduate in Communication (1999), he very early on became interested in the clichés and political ideologies buried amongst media discourses. His end of degree dissertation argues that a single mainly liberal ideology emerged from the Clabecq Ironworks social conflict. Without breaking stride he published his first book (L’information sous contrôle. Médias et pouvoir économique en Belgique, 2002), which provided the keys to understanding a certain media consensus.

According to Geoffrey Geuens the very tight structural and sociological links between the media universe and the industrial world fosters the development of a media based ideology in compliance with the interests of large economic companies. The doctoral thesis he has just presented is in a way a gigantic continuation of this first analysis.

The researcher has widened his field of investigation to include the whole of Europe and to the United States, and has opened up his work to examine the new communication and information technology sectors. His work has put to one side the analysis of media discourse he first looked at to focus on an economic and sociological analysis of the structures of power within large industrial companies in the media and communication sectors.


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