About the website

Why the Reflexions site?

The two main missions of every university, the reasons for their very existence, are research and teaching, the latter gaining in quality from the former. Teachers within a university are first and foremost researchers who teach.

Reflexions perfectly symbolises these two objectives: sharing with everyone the results of research at the ULg.

Research within the ULg generates a great number of discoveries and contributes significantly to advancing knowledge in the world, but too often these contributions to Humanity remain known only by specialists: the general public, as well as the members of the University who work in other fields, is generally unaware of the excellence and originality of Liège discoveries.

Reflexions now fulfils this role. On the site the work of ULg researchers is presented, explained and placed within perspective in terms of the current state of knowledge within their particular field and their original contribution to the development of knowledge, and an understanding of this research is clearly highlighted.

Reflexions is a window onto the ULg, its research and the quality manner in which it is transmitted. It is a tribute to the work and inventiveness of Liège researchers.

Editorial staff

Chief Editor : Eric Haubruge

Contact : Julie Louis (Communication Dpt)

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