Vincent Vanderheyden


“I was attracted to the multidisciplinary aspect of geography, Vincent Vanderheyden remembers. Not just the ‘hard’ science side but also its sociological and economic aspect”. After obtaining his Master’s degree in geography in 2003, Vincent Vanderheyden started his career as a teacher before joining the university to collaborate on the realisation of two atlases: Atlas de Belgique. Paysages, monde rural et agriculture first of all, then the Atlas des Paysages du plateau condrusien. Since 2010, he has been an assistant lecturer in the Rural Geography Department (Professor Serge Schmitz). Here, he began his doctoral thesis – continuing his work on the acceptance of wind turbines – which will be dedicated to the notion of landscape and the interpretation of the variability in Belgian attitudes towards it, according to the profile of the populations (regions, age groups, level of education, gender, etc.).


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