Gérald Purnelle


A graduate in classical philology and also the holder of a further degree in computer science applied to the human sciences, titles gained at the University of Liège in 1983 and 1989 respectively, Gérald Purnelle became a Doctor of Philosophy and Letters in 1991 at the same university. Today he holds the post of Tutor there. At the institution he also leads the Philosophy and Letters Computer Centre (CIPL) and fulfils his duties as Assistant Director at the Statistical Analysis of Ancient Languages Laboratory (LASLA). His main research areas are French metrics, the analysis of forms, textual statistics, the history of Belgian francophone poetry, all disciplines which he also teaches, as well as the readings of Latin authors in modern letters and computer science applied to the study of letters.

In parallel to the activities carried out at his Liège Alma Mater, he is also engaged in editorial work centred on Belgian poetry in the French language. It is in this context that he has edited the work of the Liège poet Jacques Izoard (of which the third and final volume was published in March 2012, by ‘Editions de la Différence’) and that he runs, jointly with Karel Logist and Yves Namur, who are also poets, the ‘Ha!’ series, published by Le Taillis Pré and which aims to draw attention to lost poets, who have remained unknown to the educated general public or who have been largely forgotten.


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