Raphael Fonteneau


After completing a scientific BAC in 2002 (without neglecting the study of the violin) in the town of Mans, Raphael Fonteneau continued his study in "preparatory classes" in Paris and then at SUPELEC where he was awarded a degree in engineering in 2007. That same year he enrolled at the University of Liège (Systems and Modeling Research Unit at the Montefiore Institute) to begin a PhD under the supervision of Professors Damien Ernst and Louis Wehenkel. He defended his thesis ("Contributions to Batch Mode Reinforcement Learning") in 2011. For two years he divided his post-doctoral research between the University of Liège and the INRIA (National Institute for Research into Informatics and Automatics) in Lille. Today he is a research fellow at the FNRS; his work focuses on the development of algorithms in the energy sector.


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