Benjamin Stevens


Benjamin Stévens received a master degree in computer science from the University of Liège in 2007. For his final project, he worked with Raphaël Marée on modelling systems (this was the first beginning of the Cytomine project). Stévens next worked for a year at PEPITe, a spinoff of the ULg that was designed to allow large industrial companies to isolate innovative procedures on the basis of a large volume of data. Following this he returned to the ULg where he has worked as a developer for applied research projects, while still working during the evening on the creation of an Internet platform for GIGA, still in cooperation with Raphaël Marée.

In 2010, Cytomine came into existence, and Stévens devoted all his time to the project. He began immediately to think about possible spinoffs from a research point of view, but also in terms of job creation. He defines himself as oriented toward the concerns of the entrepreneur in a university context. He may leave fundamental research to others, but it’s only in order to guide the project toward possible spinoff ventures; this aim will be realized when Cytomine gets its first spinoff launch in late 2014.


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