Raphaël Marée


After receiving his master degree in computer science in 2000, Raphaël Marée continued his studies, beginning doctoral research on the analysis of images with algorithms that could learn, working with the Systems and Modelling team of Pr Louis Wehenkel. While working with them he developed a generic method for classifying images which he presented in 2005, and which was taken over by the Cytomine project: a program that could store, share, classify and analyze images. In the beginning his research did not focus on biomedical applications. During his various collaborations, he realized that there was a great need for technical advances in image analysis in that sector, and little by little he began to concentrate on it. 

Since 2005, Raphaël Marée has worked for GIGA as the logistician of the bioinformatics platform. In 2010, he began to work on the Cytomine project as its scientific coordinator. In late 2014 he will not join the spinoff launched by Benjamin Stévens, but will remain working in academic research.


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