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INTRO STARESO 2015 The Mediterranean is sufferingExceptional biological observations and singular meteorological events were recorded at STARESO (Underwater and Oceanographic Research Station) during 2015.
INTRO refugies climatiques

One good reason to speak of "climate refugees"
The difficulty of isolating environmental factors from other drivers of migration still exists but no-one now seems to deny their importance as a driving force of displacement

INTRO Camps Fukushima After Fukushima, life in a prefab
François Gemenne,
FNRS qualified researcher at the University of  Liège, analyses the journey of the victims of  Fukushima, in the refugees camps.

C generation
In the newspaper "La Libre", Christophe Cusumano gives a portrayal of "C" generation. C like communicate, collaborate and create.

INTRO SS Bolivien

Bolivian underground
Bolivia is often presented like "a beggar sitting on a golden throne". Eric Pirard traces the history of the exploitation of Bolivia's mineral resources, particulary the lithium. Read the article

INTRO Emigration

Europe : from immigration to emigration
The financial and economic crisis and its expression in terms of precarity and social inequalities has generated multiple uncertainties and worries amongst the population as to the present and the future. Read the article

INTRO Hommage Monfils

André Monfils, pioneer of the Liege space optics programme

At almost 86 years old, André Monfils remains active in the field of optical instruments. Here is a review of the life-journey of a pioneer.

INTRO Radicalités

Contemporary history
A man of the sciences and the media, Francis Balace has contributed a great deal to the popularisation of contemporary history. A collective work written by his peers on the occasion of his achieving emeritus status has just been published by the University of Liège publishing house. Read the interview

INTRO unemployment

Long term unemployed
Think that the long term unemployed will easily find a new job on the labour market is a delusion. It's adding more to their context of failure. Read the article


France and NATO, the return to a 'normalization' Whilst NATO is celebrating its 60th anniversary, France is rejoining the organisation’s military command. A normalization which is not really a revolution. An analysis by Professor André Demoulin who has just posted a column on the subject for the ‘Centre for Socio- Political Research and Information’ (CRISP). Read the article

Rajendra Pachauri

Lecture of Rajendra K.Pachauri at ULg
The IPCC chairman, who has received the ULg insignia of Docteur honoris causa in september 2008, gave a lecture on the theme : The climate change challenge : which agreements are needed in Copenhagen?


Chronicle of a predicted crisis...
Didier Van Caille professor at HEC-ULg sheds light on the financial and economic crisis we're going through.Read the article

INTRO Notger

Notger and his time
It is a thousand years ago that Notger, the first Prince-Bishop of Liège, died. An international conference is to analyse in detail this public figure and the political, economical and artistic context in which he was involved with around the year 1000 in Europe. An interview with Jean-Louis Küpper, a Professor of the history of the Middle Ages at the University of Liège. Read the article

INTRO Racisme

I'm not racist, but...
Both a work which provides an overview and a multicultural plea at the same time, the book published by Hassan Bousetta and Malika Madi delivers an instructive panorama of the concepts linked to migrations and their cultural clashes.Read the article

INTRO Essor espace B

The Belgian contribution to the rise of European space programs
A reference article concerning Belgium’s contribution to Europe’s space program. A scientific and technical, but also political contribution. Find out more

INTRO Laicité

The Correct Use of Secularism
In The Correct Use of Secularism, thirteen authors brought together by Marc Jacquemain and Nadine Rosa-Rosso express their fears at seeing a sharp rise in ‘secularist’ fever developing in Belgium. ‘Réflexions’ has read this work attentively. Read the article

RITU celebrates it's 25th birthday!
A little name for a big project: this celebration of work from all over the world began at the University of Liege in 1983. A theatre open to the world for a quarter century – a festive week. 12 plays, 150 players and producers from every corner of the globe: RITU opens a new window, onto a world of aesthetic variation that is intriguing and exciting. Robert Germay, founder of the theatre and President of the Royal University Theatre of Liege gives you an advance peek behind the stage curtain… read the article.

Biofuels : a viable alternative ?
Carte blanche published in the belgian newspaper "Le Soir" on july 30th 2007.
by Hubert Halleux, Assistant at the University of Liège’s Industrial Chemistry. Read the article

 Evolution vs creationism : Settling the accounts
A sumptuous volume of the Alas of Creation has recently been delivered to schools and universities, with the implicit aim that its contents are made widely known. Behind an argument which appears to be scientific is hidden a creationist vision of the world. In the final analysis, this book is a useful tool through which to help students develop a questioning spirit and enable them to distinguish between a genuine scientific work and one which is a fake. 

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