Thomas Marichal


After his veterinary medicine studies at the University of Liège, Thomas Marichal did his doctoral thesis while working as a researcher at the GIGA Cellular and Molecular Physiology Research Unit, led by Professor Fabrice Bureau. Thomas and his colleagues attempted to understand the mechanisms responsible for initiating the Th2 immune response underlying the development of allergies. After his thesis, Thomas Marichal was awarded a European Commission Marie Curie IOF (International Outgoing Fellowships) grant for his postdoctoral research at Stanford University in California, under the supervision of Professor Steve Galli. During this fellowship, he is focusing on the function of immunoglobulin E against honeybee and viper venom. He will return to Fabrice Bureau’s team to continue his investigations on the mechanisms of allergy development. Since 2016, Thomas Marcihal is "Chercheur qualifié" for the FNRS. 


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