Vinciane Schockert


A biology graduate in 1996, Vinciane Schockert decided to begin two Masters at the same time based on eco-development and developing countries. ‘At the beginning I wanted to work abroad.’ She wrote two Masters dissertations for Roland Libois, with whom she continues to keep in touch. At the end of her studies Vinciane Schockert was hired to co-ordinate the Local Centre of initiation to Environment which was born at Habay (CLIE has today become the Regional Centre of the Anlier forest) and which was looking for someone to put in place educational activities related to the environment for a variety of publics. ‘Over the years, and despite all its good aspects, this work became more and more administrative and thus I was less and less in close contact with nature, which I started to miss! And also when you are teaching things you spend a lot of time explaining to others and you don’t really have time to learn for yourself.’ It was a little bit by chance, following a discussion with Roland Libois, who had previously been her dissertation supervisor, that she was hired to work within the framework of the Mammals Convention within the zoogeography research unit (Department of Environmental Sciences and Management), a convention related to mammals protected or affected by the Berne Convention. It is now five years that she has been working on this research, financed by the SPW, jointly with the DEMMA – Département des l’Etude du Milieu Naturel et Agricole – centralisation banks for biological data gathered within the Walloon Region.


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