Didier Vrancken


With a doctorate from the Paris Institute for Political Studies, Didier Vrancken is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Liège, where he directs the Sociological Research and Intervention Centre. Beyond his present functions as President (Dean) of the University of Liège’s human and social sciences section, he is the Vice-President of the International Sociology Association (AISLF), and as such is preparing its next conference, in 2012 at Rabat. The theme will be ‘thinking the uncertain.’ ‘It goes without saying that all the work of preparing for the conference has influenced this book on the question of the links between action and intervention in situations of uncertainty,’ he states. ‘It is moreover the subject of the last chapter on the question of reversibility and the politics of reversibility.’

Didier Vrancken is also the author of several Belgian and international reports related to the status of aged people and the problematic of retirement (of which several have been jointly worked with O.Kuty), on the politics of (mental health) and the concept of an active social State (several have been published as reports for the King Baudouin Foundation). He is also the author of reports on the Marshall Plan deployed by the Walloon Region. He also undertakes a large number of editorial activities, in particular for the De Boeck and Larcier publishing house (De Boeck University department). He is also a member of research foundations and an administrator for the University of Liège Promotion and Research Foundation, since 2008.

Selection of publications

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