Jean-François Focant


Jean-François Focant is a lecturer at the University of Liège’s Department of Chemistry and directs the Organic and Biological Analytical Chemistry Laboratory. His career path is marked by a strong interest in analytical techniques placed at the service of concrete problems. Once he had pocketed his undergraduate degree (of which he spent one year in Swansea, Wales) he in 1999 began his doctoral thesis with Professor Edwin De Pauw, right in the middle of the dioxin crisis. He devoted it to the development of analysis methods for dioxins found in foodstuffs and in human beings. All along his doctorate he took regular trips to the Atlanta based Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (United States), where he subsequently undertook postdoctoral work analysing flame retardant products. He was appointed lecture at the ULg’s Department of Chemistry in 2006. There he currently teaches general and organic chemistry to first year Bachelors students of medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry. Within the framework of the Masters in Chemistry he also teaches quality assurance and, since three years ago, forensic chemistry. His expertise is notably focused on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). His research activities are primarily based on the characterisation of complex mixes of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for commercial and forensic applications.


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