Jean-Louis Doucet


Jean-Louis Doucet has directed, since 2003, the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (ULg) Forestry Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical Regions (LFRTS), an integral part of the Forestry and Natural Environment Resource Management Unit in the Nature, Forests and Landscape Department. He teaches eight subjects linked to the management of forestry and natural environment resources in the tropics. He knows the Congo, Cameroon and Gabon particularly well. The latter country was moreover the headquarters of his doctoral thesis, entitled ‘The delicate alliance of forestry management and biodiversity in the forests of central Gabon.’ Very active in supporting the private sector to favour the sustainable management of forestry concessions in Central Africa, he is also the President of Nature +, a not for profit organization created by the Silviculture Unit in order to promote the sustainable management of tropical forest ecosystems in taking into account ecological and social functions.


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