Jean Schoenen


Dr Jean Schoenen earned his degree in Medicine in 1972 at the University of Liège. He then benefited from a research grant from the National Institutes of Health John E. Fogatry International Center to work for two years at the Massachussetts General Hospital-Harvard Medical School, where he specialised in neurology, neuropsychology and neuropathology. Jean Schoenen was the FNRS Research Director and Professor of Clinical Neurology before devoting himself entirely to his ULg Professorship since 2003. His research focuses on headaches and on the anatomy and pathologies of the spinal cord. Jean Schoenen is the head of the GIGA-Neurosciences, ‘Axonal Regeneration and Cephalic Pain’ research unit and the ULg’s Headache Research Unit (Department of Neurology, at the Citadelle site).He has also been President of the International Headache Society and the Belgian Neurological Society. To date, Jean Schoenen is also President of the Belgian Brain Council, of which he is the founder.


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