Hervé Caps


Hervé Caps holds a degree in physical sciences from the University of Liege (2000) and obtained his PhD in 2004 with a work entitled “Instabilities in fluid/granular interfaces: experimental studies. The case of single and multiple dispersed current ripples and turbulence eddies”. Today he is a lecturer in the University of Liège’s physics department, in the area of optofluidics. He conducts his research in GRASP, the Group for Research and Applications in Statistical Physics. He is particularly interested in the behaviour of foam: why does it form, why does it stabilize and finally, why does it disappear? For the purposes of his research in microgravity, Hervé Caps has taken part in parabolic flights on board the Novespace Airbus Zero G. He has taken part in more than 600 parabolic flights, equivalent to 12,000 seconds or 200 minutes in zero gravity.


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