François Pichault


Having gained his doctorate in sociology at the University of Liege in 1981, François Pichault became a FNRS researcher at the heart of the ULg’s old Adminstration and Business School (which has today become the HEC-ULg Management School) and created, in 1986, the Laboratoire d'Etudes sur les Nouvelles Technologies, l'Innovation et le Changement (the Laboratory for Studies into New Technologies, Innovation and Change (LENTIC), of which he is today the President. ‘We felt that the new technologies were going to change people’s lives.’ The laboratories raison d'être is today very closely linked to the problematic of change in business and companies. ‘Today we cannot teach management in the same way as we did before, in other words in a purely bookish manner, so I take my students to visit the other side of the stage, to see what really goes on in companies.’ François Pichault is also a member of the HEC-ULG’s management committee, and in which he is charged with directing research. He has published or co-written around a dozen works and around 50 articles in international academic journals.


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