Geoffroy Lumay


Geoffroy Lumay loves mechanics, electronics, and tinkering. Not satisfied to practice these things as hobbies, he wanted to make a profession of them. Deciding between physical sciences and engineering studies, he at first chose physics, thinking that it would lead him further in the direction of understanding phenomena, and that he could always learn practical applications…as the need piled up.

In 1999, he began studying for a degree in physical sciences at the University of Liege. He finished that program four years later, writing an experimental thesis on spectroscopy. Later he accepted a post as laboratory assistant for GRASP (Group for Research and Applications in Statistical Physics), attracted by the possibility the position offered, of doing hands-on physics, a physics that everyone can relate to, since it concerns questions and objects that are part of everyday life: sacks of marbles, sandpiles, sugar, pasta, etc. In December 2007 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the experimental study of the compaction of granular materials.


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