Michel Moutschen


With a degree in medicine (1987) from the University of Liège, Michel Moutschen was particularly interested in immunology and infectious diseases. He decided to specialise in this area and completed his specialisation in 1994. While he was specialising in internal medicine, Michel Moutschen obtained a PhD in biomedical sciences (1994) then went to Philadelphia for a post-doctorate at the FoxChase Cancer Center. In 2000, he presented his thesis to qualify as a university lecturer, which opened the doors of the University of Liège’s medical faculty’s auditoriums, this time as a lecturer. Since then, he has been teaching immunology, infectious diseases, immunopathology and vaccinology.

Furthermore, Michel Moutschen is currently at the head of two major bodies at Liège’s University Hospital. Committed to the fight against AIDS since the 1990s, he is now leading this fight by managing the University Hospital’s AIDS reference centre. This centre offers, among other things, tests for HIV (human immune deficiency virus), medico-social and psychological support, group therapy and self-help groups as well as general information on HIV and other sexually transmissible diseases. Dr. Moutschen also works closely with the University of Lubumbashi, in Democratic Republic of Congo, on AIDS projects.

Finally, Dr. Moutschen is also the head of the department of general internal medicine and infectious diseases at the University Hospital of Liège.


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