Xavier Fettweis


As a child, Xavier Fettweis was already a budding meteorologist thanks to a small weather station installed at his parents’ house. In 1996, when it was decision time, he entrusted it to his father and went to study for a degree in maths at ULg, with the intention of becoming a maths teacher.

During his degree, he developed a taste for research and teaching at university level. Furthermore, he realised that his passion for meteorology had not waned. He therefore decided to continue and complete his training with a post-graduate diploma in climatology at UCL. He then started working on this PhD on the climate in Greenland at the G. Lemaître Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics at UCL. He presented his thesis in 2006.

Since his return to ULg in September 2007, he has continued his work on modelling the climate in Greenland in the Climatology and Topoclimatology Laboratory.Xavier Fettweis has been an FNRS research associate since October 2013.


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