Sorting faster and better


There are a great many benefits to this technique. There is a very clear gain in speed associated with the digital means used. The sorting speed is one item every 5 milliseconds, which is ten times faster than a traditional camera, with 500 times more data. This is the second benefit. Hyperspectral imaging coupled with the lighting system does indeed allow a clear increase in sorting quality.

Profitability is the third benefit. As the price of reused materials depends largely on purity (the products obtained are currently sold at a lower price than the pure product), this project will allow the finished products to be sold at a higher price, thus increasing the added value of the recycling process.

ULg’s partners in this programme are the Spanish company Robotiker, who is in charge of it, the company Specim (Finland), who is designing the hyperspectral camera, Hevac, IGE and Indumental, all industrials active in the domain of recycling, and Aclima, who is responsible for obtaining and distributing the results.

Triage dechets non-fereux

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